Saturday, June 9, 2007

Okay, I give! I'm blogging.

I am one of those folks who doesn't really fight technology, but I do tend to ignore it. I would have been perfectly happy to write in my old diary with lock and key forever. But that wasn't good enough. No sir. My husband said I must journal on my computer if I am to be consider one of the IN people. So I did. I put away my cute little books and notebooks with flowers and dolphins on them and started writing my deep thoughts and personal fears on my computer. I don't actually have deep thoughts or too many personal fears (although clowns do creep me out) but I obliged and who doesn't want to be thought of as IN.

But it never ends! NOW, to be cool, journaling on my computer isn't good enough. I now, according to my husband, must blog. I resisted and thought I'd tricked him when I finally got myself a WEBPAGE. I mean what self-respecting professional writer doesn't have one of those, right? But, nope. Wasn't good enough for my techy hubby. "How can you call yourself a writer if you don't blog?" he shouts. I don't know, I kinda figured if I wrote a book or something that would count as being a writer. Which is what I did by the way. Wrote a book...HUGS FROM HEAVEN: PORTRAITS OF A WOMAN'S FAITH. Now I'm writing another one about this really great guy named Aaron Johnson--the first African-American to be appointed Secretary of Corrections for the State of North Carolina. Dr. Johnson is a wonderful man who has lived his life as a true spiritual warrior and I'm fortunate to be the one chosen to write his biography. Still...not good enough. It seems I must also blog to be worth my writer's salt. So, here it is. My blog. I guess from time to time I will check in and write some stuff. But if you'd like to really know more about me and my work, check out my WEBPAGE at I suppose I could use this blog to keep you up to date about how my book is progressing, or my thoughts on the writing process, or why clowns give me hives. I'll think about that. Or I guess I could tease you a little bit with some of my newspaper articles from my column FOOTSTEPS & HEARTBEATS. I wrote that column for 17 years. I want to compile them into a book someday--after all I am a writer you know. Well, that's it for now. I have just made my husband very happy. I'm IN now. I'm cool. He can breathe easier. I am no longer an embarrassment to him. I blog, therefore I am...yadayadayada...Until next time...

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