Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I'm on the last chapter after a three year journey. I can hardly believe it. What else I can hardly believe is how hard it is to get this final chapter done. It's like Satan keeps slapping my hands every time I try to write, or all my weaknesses show up at once when I sit down to get 'er done...like do I smell a snack waiting for me downstairs?...or, I think I need to water the flowers right this very instant...or, my toe hurts, I should nap...or, .... I tell you it is true, the hardest part of writing is in the actual putting butt in chair and doing it. Here, I am in the homestretch and I'm still procrastinating. Go figure.

But, I will prevail. I will finish up this chapter very soon and when I do, they'll be able to hear my victory yell from here to the top of Everest. Of course, just putting the final dot and crossing the final 't' will not a book make. THEN comes some heavy editing and rewriting, but I'm ready for that...bring it on! But the feeling of finally having the whole thing on paper, so to speak, in some kind of order and now only tweaking sounds glorious!

Wish me luck. Say a little prayer for me and cheer me on. I'd love to hear about your writing processes. Let me hear from you.
blessings all...

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