Monday, December 6, 2010

Praying Together- A big deal

Two guys who are always on my prayer list-
Gary (Papa) and sweet grandson, Cormac

Monday, December 6, 2010-

I promised I’d write more often, so how’s twice a week sound? That will be my goal. But, you’ve got to promise to check in with me and leave me your thoughts from time to time, okay?

Well, we’re back home. Seven days in Door County is probably as close to heaven as we’ll be able to get while still here on this lovely earth. We spent a lot of time doing nothing in particular, but we were very serious about it. Lots of extra sleep. Lots of extra reading. And, lots of unhurried conversation. But one of my favorite times was one evening after supper; we huddled on the couch and prayed out loud together. We’ve done that more lately for obvious reasons. The shadow of death can do that to a couple. When one of you goes through a serious illness, it can do one of two things. Pull you apart or bring you together. We chose the latter. And prayer was a big part of what kept us close, kept us informed as to what the other was thinking or scared about. But also, one of the things we found out it that praying out loud together isn’t always easy. I never feel more vulnerable to my partner as when he is listening in on my conversation with God. I tell God things I don’t always tell my husband, but if he’s listening, then the cats out of the bag. He finds out how fearful I am, or what has been hurting me, or that maybe he isn’t the only thing/person on my mind. And, likewise.

If you haven’t prayed with someone you love lately, then I highly recommend it. I was shy at first when we started our prayer the other night. It felt a little awkward, a little forced. But then all of that fell away as my heart opened little by little to reveal what was in there—the good, bad and somewhat ugly at times. You see, I am not always this perfect little preacher’s wife you see spitted shined on Sunday mornings. I can get pretty ragged around the edges, truly. Dark spots of ugly are constantly trying to waylay me. But the other night, clasping the big, strong hands of my husband, I confessed and came clean about some of that. Gary squeezed my hand. God nodded and smiled as only a knowing Father can do.

How about you? What have your experiences been when you’ve let your guard down and prayed out loud with another? I’d love to hear about them.

Blessings, dear ones… until the next time.



Melinda Rhodebeck said...

Hi Deb,

Firstly, I love reading your blog and learning what's up in your life. :) I still treasure the book you signed for me at York, though I have no idea why I would be a hero of yours, especially since I look up to you and Gary.

As far as praying together, I don't have a husband, but I can understand you reluctance to share. I have several people that I pray with, some on a weekly basis, and, though I am very open with them, there are some parts of me that I still don't want to share. I love getting together with that group though, because it forces me to be far more open with them than I normally would. The ladies that I meet with on Wed nights are very dear to me, and I trust them completely, that's the only way I am okay with praying together.

When I pray by myself, I'm usually very open with God. Afterall, I love him immensely, and he knows everything anyway. But, when I pray out loud with other people, I find that I am even more candid, and open. Some of the things I didn't even allow myself to think about, or didn't realize that I thought will come out when I'm praying out loud.

The best part about all this, it does get easier the more you do it. :)

Love you!

Thoughts from South Moon said...

Thanks, Melinda, for your comment. Prayer is such an intimate act. I am trying to realize what a priviledge it is when someone allows me to enter that 'room' with them as we go to the Father together.
Hope things are well with you.