Sunday, June 19, 2011



LuLu-ism #16: A friend doesn’t leave a friend alone, sitting in the garage as spider webs form on her handlebars. It’s not right.

Hello. LuLu here. Deb is gone… again. I don’t know why she wanted a bike so bad if she was going to skip town every other week. So here I am just hanging out in the garage. If I don’t get out soon my fenders are going to get saggy and I think I’m starting to get a little thick in the spokes.

This week, Deb and that handsome husband of hers have gone canoeing on the Wisconsin River with some teens from their church’s youth group and with a couple of other special folks. I hear it’s supposed to rain every day this week. Heh-Heh. Bet she gets wet… really, really wet. Heh-Heh. Poor baby.

She’s promised that once she gets home, she’s getting back in the saddle. Of course that means she’ll probably start whining about that silly cowgirl of hers again. Enough already!

Even with all of her complaining, I can’t believe I kind of miss her. She’s determined; I’ll give her that. Deb’s not in great shape, yet she imagines herself a female Lance Armstrong. It’s kind of cute, really. Yeah, Deb can grow on you in a kudzu kind of way. Well, that’s it for now. I’m sure she’ll want to write to you when she gets back. But, until then, I guess I’ll spend my time getting my tires pumped. As you wait for her return why don’t you say a little prayer for her. No telling how much trouble her cowgirl is going to give her sitting in a canoe all day… wet, cold and neglected. It’s not going to be pretty.

We’ll both see you next week…


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