Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rejected once again...


I’m once again missing in action. So sorry. With the holiday and all I’ve just been distracted. More about that on Tuesday’s post. As for today, it’s short and not so sweet. Last night I received a ‘rejection’ email from the New York agent reviewing my full manuscript. After six weeks, she’s passed. Arrrg!
I’m in mourning. I have to lick my wounds. Re-think my purpose. Review my story. Pull myself up by the boots straps and start sending out the manuscript again… because it’s good… a good story that should see the light of day.
This hurts, but in light of all else I’ve been called to endure, I’ll survive. I’m a fighter. I believe in my work.
Excuse me while I go find a cat to kick (it’s just a figure of speech, Cat Lovers, settle down). What I’ll really do, is hop on LuLu and peddle out my frustrations. It won’t be the first time.

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