Thursday, July 31, 2014


My mom & pop- Christmas 2013
Life is full of left turns. I know this well, yet when one happens I’m still surprised. At the beginning of the week I was all set to spend a week with my grandbabies at our Christian camp. I was anticipating lots of giggles and splashes in the creek. Instead, I’m sitting in a hospital room several hundred miles from camp watching my dad cling to what’s left of his life. He has advanced Alzheimers and has had a recent trauma that has caused his symptoms to slip into yet another debilitating stage. I’m not convinced he will leave this room.
Some folks have said I’m living the life of Job right now. Within the last year, I’ve lost my husband and my dog; my mom has had cancer and a heart attack; my dad’s Alzheimers continues to steal my dad, and the journey of mourning continues to be uphill and bumpy. But here’s how I view my life...
Yes, my life now is proof that God’s promises are real. He promised me that death would not win. I have no doubt that Gary now sits at His feet. God promised that I would not be left alone. And, I haven’t been. He has used others to bring His comfort, and His Spirit to nudge me toward recovery. God promised me that my strength would come through Him. Since I’ve been able to do things I simply do not have the capabilities to do, I have to assume it is God’s doings.
See, what I mean? Victorious!
There is no way on earth I should still be standing, much less hopeful. But I am hopeful. I see a future opening up to me, although the view of it is only brief, like looking through a slit in a curtain, but  I have seen it, at least the promise of it.
I’m still hopeful after all that’s happened. See? Victorious!
The heartache has not killed me. It has not robbed me of my breath. I live though the hurt and one day I will live past the hurt.
I still ride my pink bike. I still trim my roses. I still sit by our pond. I still walk to the mailbox. And, recently I adopted a two-legged turtle named Pie. See? Victorious!
Left turns can be wicked, but you don’t have to get lost on them. Unfortunately, left turns tend to take us down the road too often traveled. Travel them with an eye toward victory.

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