Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Twin Tuesdays...

You’ve heard of “Taco Tuesdays” right? Well, I’ve got something better. I have “Twin Tuesdays”.  Every Tuesday I get to babysit my five-year-old twin granddaughters. I’ve been doing this since they were born. We have tea parties, lunch at Old Mac Donald’s (that’s what they call that Big Mac place), and we play various versions of hide-n-seek. It’s a great day.
What my twirling twins have made me realize is that many good things come in twos. Take this time of the year for instance. We’ve got Mary and Joseph, Baby Jesus and the manger. We have Peace and Good Will. Don’t forget the Star and the Angels. Oh, and then there’s the Shepherds and Wise Men. Of course the Wise Men showed up later, but better late than never, right?
What a miracle the manger scene became. At first glance, anyone peeking into the stable that night would have seen just another young family camping out in Bethlehem. They came by the hundreds back to their hometown to be counted and taxed by order of Caesar Augustus. But if one were truly observant, they would have noticed that the baby was a newborn, fresh from the hands of God. The mother was young, but confident beyond her years. And the father, more awe-struck than most new dads, for he had just assisted his young wife in the birth of the Son of God.
No, this was no ordinary little family. Mary was a virgin with child and Joseph had to be convinced by an angel to marry her. As the child drew his first breath, somewhere in the east a star appeared. I’m told it was like no other as it hovered big and bright and seemed to be pointing its’ twinkling fingers toward Bethlehem. A few miles way away from the manger, bedded down with their flock of sheep were shepherds. More than likely they were only teenagers really, the youngest in their families, sent out into the fields to babysit sheep. Their older brothers had more important things to attend to. Poor dears. Had they known what was going to happen that night, they would have shoved their little brothers aside and taken their place. At the baby’s first cry the heavens opened up right above the shepherd boys. Angels and Songs, another twosome I’d love to experience someday, drew near. Wings and fluttering. Lyrics and Proclamation.
“Glory to God in the highest...”sang the Heavenly Hosts.
I never tire of this true but incredible story. At age five, my twins know the Baby Jesus well. On Twin Tuesdays His name comes up quite often. They are curious and full of belief that all is as they’ve been told, right down to the swaddling clothes and the bright star. From this Christ-child other twosomes were later established such as: Repentance and Salvation. Miracles and Wonders. The Cross and Forgiveness. Resurrection and Promise. One day, these too, will become foundation of my twins’ life.
Twin Tuesday is my favorite day of the week.  It brings me laughter, relationship and it’s own miracle. And, the Christmas season never disappoints with its tinsel and icicles, carols and Christmas trees, and a silent night and prayer usually at the foot of my bed.
May you enjoy your own Christmas twosomes. String them together, connect their dots, and rejoice in the God who gave us the Babe.
Merry Christmas, friends.

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