Monday, March 9, 2009


Today, I'm trying to get started on Chapter 28 of MAN FROM MACEDONIA. I've been working on this book for almost three years now. It's a book of six sections. I'm on Section Five. This section will have about five chapters in it. I'm half way through this section. My problem? Every time I begin a new chapter, it's like starting all over again. First, I have to get organized. I have to put away all the notes of interviews, research, newspaper articles, etc., from the previous chapter that I have strewn all over my desk. I work these notes over pretty good as I write. By the time I'm finished with a chapter, I can show you book, chapter and verse from where I got what I got. I figure it's a good idea to be able to show your sources if ever challenged. So, I file them away carefully so I can find them again. Sitting beside me, even as I write this, is a roll away file box made of plastic. The top box is full of file folders and interview CDs. The bottom drawer holds my note cards, photos, newsletters, etc., A book in a box.

THEN, when all previous chapter resources are put away. I start digging through the box for all the folders, note, cards, interview transcripts, etc., that I need for the next chapter. Out they come and they will be rearranged a thousand times before this chapter is completed. I also may have to get on Internet and do a little snooping as well before I get started with the actual writing. Believe it or not, it can take a couple of days of prep before I write the first word of the next chapter. That's where I am write now. I've done all the prep. The new resources are at my finger tips. I've been snooping around online and now I need to settle down and actually write. I pose myself in front of the computer. Chapter heading is blaring out at me. My finger poised over the keys and...hey! maybe I should go unload the dishwasher; Or, change my sheets on the bed; Or take a walk and stretch before I write; Or go write my blog...

Get my drift? It is sooo hard to actually write those first words of a new chapter. Why? Beats me. Once I delve in...I'm in....there's no turning back....I'm hooked...I'm flying. Yet, it is so hard to attack those first few words. Funny, huh? Such is the writing process for me. Any other writers out there have quirks in their writing process. If so, I'd love to hear from you.

Well, I must get with it. This next chapter will not write itself. My fingers are poised. I'm that someone at the door?

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