Friday, May 15, 2009

Hat Trick

On Tuesday, May 12, 2009 Gary and I became the proud grandparents of twin girls. Kasia and Isamae debuted into this world healthy and beautiful and joined their big sister's Paisly and Zella. Their daddy, Matthew, and mommy, Sarah, are doing well, but since they've brought the girls home, they haven't exactly gotten the best night's rest. The last two morning they've come down the stairs, each carrying a tiny bundle in their arms, and with these lopsided smiles on their tired faces--that beg,"We are blessed way beyond what we ever asked or here Grandmas, please feel free to share in the blessing," as they hand one gorgeous baby to me and other to Grandma Steph, and then sleep-walk back up stairs for about a twenty minute nap.

Ah, babies! Thanks to all who have been praying for the safe delivery of these little ones. I do not take for granted that all deliveries will go as planned. And with this new territory for us, with twins, we simply did not know exactly what to expect. But we did know that the risks were greater for the babies and for their brave mother. Sarah is doing wonderful. She was a trooper, who did all within her power to bring her daughters into this world as safely and healthy as possible. I love this young woman as if she were my own child. As with her other two children, I know these new babies will be in the capable and loving hands of a mother who knows how to sacrifice one's self in the name of love. She will protect them like a momma bear, nurture them from a deep well of wisdom and heart, and train them in all things good. Of course, I have no doubt that my son will be standing right beside her with his quiet strength, his humble spirit and a heart so full of love that between the two of them, these little girls will have no choice but to be happy, well adjusted, and have no excuse to be rebellious teenagers.

Of course, these little twins are just the latest in the Cleveland baby boom. It seems, we've scored a hat trick-- we've been blessed with three new grandchildren within a little over two months. Our cup runneth over. If you've read my blog of late, you all but need to scroll down a few inches and find the smiling picture of newborn grandson, Cormac. His entry into our lives in February brought just as much joy and wonder...especially since he is our first grandson. His parents, our son, Nathan and wife, Erin, have delighted us with this little boy who is so full of charm, I giggle every time I think of him. Erin is a first time mother with an 'old soul' within her. She just seems to know instinctively how to care for this child. I love seeing her with her son as he makes her laugh with his antics and his big eyes and his Buddha belly. Another daughter-in-law who has filled my heart like my own. And watching my first-born with his first born is an experience that God has just added in my life like the cherry on top of a turtle very sweet.

Again, thank you for your prayers. God has been extremely merciful and generous. I can only bow on bended knee and accept these precious, wiggly, soft-skinned gifts with gratitude and awe.

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