Monday, April 25, 2011

Chocolate Bunnies & Bikes


LuLu-ism #6: There’s riding bikes and then there’s riding bikes with a grandchild. Priceless!

I'm hoping all of you had a life-affirming Easter Sunday yesterday. We got to worship with kids and grandchildren, so that was special. Plus, Gary has healed enough from his infection ordeal to be able to preach again. That was very special. The Lord could have returned at that moment and all would have been well. As it turned out, He didn’t, so we came home and had a delicious lunch, holiday-style. Then outside to play. We actually had some warm weather and sunshine. And then… the bike ride!

Ever since LuLu and I hooked up, I’ve been looking forward to the day that Paisly, age six, and I would ride bikes together. Yesterday was the day. LuLu was introduced to Paisly’s little blue Schwinn and off we went. Happiness! We were both kind of wobbly at first. Paisly from inexperience and me from too much experience. The Fake Knee didn’t much like the impromptu ride. I usually limber it up with a few spins on Rusty first, but not yesterday. A whole lot of complaining ensued, as I tried to ignore the creaking coming from the knee area. Paisly giggled. I giggled and then I almost go us both run over by a passing truck. Note to self: Just because the road is in front of your house, you do not own it. So keep an eye out. But all was well. The nice truck driver slowed down and waved. At least I think that was a wave…

As I peddled down the road with Paisly, I felt this wave of gratitude flood through me and this overwhelming sense of joy. The Fake Knee no longer had my attention and the Cowgirl did not even register on the pain-scale. I felt otherworldly. I was riding bikes with my granddaughter! Who gets to do this? Who gets to look to her immediate right and see this beautiful child with golden hair and dimples peddling beside her and looking at you with such light in her eyes? My breath became wisps of spring air, the road underneath us became clouds and for one brief, sliver of a moment I got this overwhelming, serendipitous feeling that God’s eyes were watching me and that they had just crinkled up from a smile. This was the day He rose from the grave and it was on this day a couple of thousand years later, He gave Deb Cleveland another gift… and it was good.

My prayer for you all is that you be on lookout for what He has done and is doing for you as well, because not all of His gifts will include a pink bike.



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