Friday, April 22, 2011

LuLu-ism #5: Don't say something out loud, unless you're darn well sure you mean it. It could get embarrassing.

I had a first yesterday. While LuLu and I were riding , we had to dodge snow lumps in the road. Crazy. And, today, it's raining-- a cold, icy rain that grabs your bones and gnaws on them. No outside riding today. But, here's a little recap: Since my birthday, LuLu and I have been out on the road three times and two days before that; Pounds lost: 2; Fake Knee: Still, complaining, but I noticed yesterday that I could peddle with the middle of my foot instead of just the heel, so my flexibility is getting a tad better; Cowgirl: On a pain-scale of one to ten, with TEN being the worst, she's at a six.

While I'm a little excited that the Fake Knee has improved a tad, losing the two pounds is just ho-hum. You see, I've lost the same exact two pounds at least a hundred times-- this year. They keep returning. Then I lose them, then one of them creeps back. Then I lose three, then I gain two and then... well you get the picture. Since January I've lost eleven pounds-- a couple of times now. Hopefully, with LuLu's help, I'll be able to stop this silly yo-yo-ing thingy and finally drop down to a weight that feels good and doesn't give LuLu a flat tire. That's my goal. In fact my true goal, and I can't believe I'm going say this out loud, is to lose 60 pounds this year. That's right. In my sixtieth year, I want to lose 60 pounds. Can it be done? Well in the words of Vinnie Barbarino, "Is a bear Catholic? Does the Pope live in the woods?" (If you don't know who Vinnie is, Google John Travolta.) Yep, I'm gonna do it. And, I'm expecting you guys to keep me honest. Deal?

Have a thoughtful and thanks filled, Easter, friends. See you on Monday.

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ilflyawayjm said...

Glad you're back...I missed Lulu Chronicles! :)