Thursday, July 7, 2011



LuLu-ism # 19: To read or to ride- that is the question. But, I’m thinking why not do both. Throw a book in your basket and ride until you find a nice shade tree.

Well, LuLu and I have been a bike riding team for three months now. I got her right before my sixtieth birthday in April. My husband wanted to buy me a Kindle for my birthday. You know what that is, right? For those who don’t (Mom) it’s a little computer-like contraption you can download on to it every book that has ever been written so that in the middle of the night if you can’t sleep you can turn on your little contraption, the size of a hand mirror, and read, let’s say, War and Peace or Harry Potter, or There’s a Monster in my Closet, whatever you’re in the mood for. That would have been nice, but I’m still a hold out where Kindles and other e-readers are concerned. I’m a page-folder-downer. I’m a book sniffer. I still think piles of books around my bed, the coffee table, lying under chairs, etc., are charming. So, I told the hubs that if given the choice, I’d rather have a new bike.

Thus, LuLu, came into my life all pink and shiny and ready for adventure. I fancied myself riding her great distances and losing a ton of weight… literally. Well, I’m up to riding eight miles or so, and as for the ‘ton of weight’, does eleven and a half pounds count? I’m disappointed I haven’t lost at least a hundred pounds by now, after all, I’ve risked my life to start this new healthier lifestyle. If you will recall, I’ve been chased by a rooster and pretty near hit in the head by a duck. But if I’m honest, my eating habits may be hindering my weight loss just a tad. I’m still debating which is the better for me— carrots or a Hersey candy bar… with almonds. That’s a tough one. I’d like to see the research on that. Until I do, who’s to say?

So, happy three-month anniversary, LuLu. So, far it’s been great fun, at least most of me is having fun. The Fake Knee and Cowgirl would have voted for the Kindle, but I didn’t ask them.

If you’ve dusted off your bike this summer and rode along with LuLu and me in your imagination, I’d love to hear some of your tales. Keep riding, friends. We’ve still got a lot to learn.

Still pedaling,


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