Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Piece of Me...

The LuLu Chronicles

LuLu-ism #21: Chocolate found in coat pockets or in the cracks of your sofa is still chocolate. Enjoy.

On Saturday’s ride, LuLu and I biked five miles. It was in the 90s and humid so I didn’t want to push it. When we turned into the wind it was harder to pedal, but the blowing air helped, albeit, a breeze that felt more like a dragon’s breath after he’d burned down a small village of smurfs or hobbits or something than a cool, rejuvenating breeze. But anyway, I got through it even without the aid of steroids like other more high profile athletes have been known to do. Hey, if I want more pep in my pedal, chocolate is my drug of choice. Before Saturday’s ride, I found some left over chocolate Easter bunny parts downstairs in my family room so I was good to go. Now, don’t snarl at me for eating three-month-old chocolate (Mom). Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, my friends.

I’m now comfortable enough to start doing some of my childhood ‘bike tricks’. Saturday I got crazy and started pedaling a zigzag pattern down the middle line of the road with abandon. I haven’t tried pedaling without hands yet or standing on my bike seat, but who knows, maybe by the end of summer I’ll look like Annie Oakley on wheels.

LuLu has made me feel like a kid again. Every time I ‘saddle up’ I’m transported back to the streets of my old neighbor where after dinner playing cops and robbers on bikes was more regular than dessert. My Wards Signature was my ticket to freedom and my entry into childhood games. I became a player.

Now days, I don’t know how much of a ‘player’ I am, but I sure am enjoying my new found freedom again. Freedom to enjoy nature. Freedom to explore my neighborhood at a leisurely pace, and freedom to return to something that gave me joy.

If there is something like this out there for you, grab it. Don’t let another excuse keep you from whatever it is that gives you back a piece of yourself.

Blessings, ya’ll,


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