Thursday, October 25, 2012

Every day...


Yesterday, LuLu and I spent some time together. It was a quiet ride through the countryside. The air was still and was penetrated with muted bird chirps and the rustling of fallen leaves. We even biked through some clear puddles in the middle of the road. I smiled.
 The earth all around was getting ready for a long, soothing nap. As I pedaled along I was reminded of a mother and how she tucks her wee one into bed right after lunch. His eyes are droopy, but his spirit still wants to throw one more ball, or jump off one more chair. With patience, she cuddles him to her and carries him upstairs to a warm, soft bed. She cups his chubby cheeks in her hands and kisses his nose and eyelids. Then tucking him in under furry covers, she takes his dimpled hand in hers and breathes a quick prayer for rest and sweet dreams. Finally she kisses each plump finger. In the doorway, she blows a kiss and says, “ love you” and pulls the door closed… almost. 
God is putting his earth down for a nap. His kissed the trees asleep. He’s cuddled the animals into their warm nests and with a blown kiss he closes the door… almost. He still wants to hear if something needs attending. He eagerly awaits for the eyelids to open once again.
Aren’t we more important to him than birds and trees? Of course. Every day, He does the same for us. Every day, he cuddles us to Him. Every day He cups our faces in His gentle hands. Every day, He offers a prayer on our behalf. Everyday, when all has been spent, He says, “love you” and pulls the door closed… almost. Everyday, He waits just on the other side and listens for our cries. Every day, He eagerly awaits…
Every day…


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