Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Go. Kiss.


The other day the Hubs and I went to Ireland. It has been a dream of ours for quite a long time, but life kept getting in the way. One thing cancer has taught us is that procrastination can be one of life’s biggest regrets. So, it was time.
I sat the Hubs down on the couch and got him real comfy and then I got out all of our Ireland travel books. With permanent markers in hand we began our journey. Counties Cork, Donegal, and Kerry have never looked more beautiful. Our first stop was at a stone circle in Loughcrew, County Meath. With marker in hand I drew an arrow up from the center of the circle and wrote, “Kiss me here.”  The Hubs took the cue and planted a sweet one on my lips.
Our next stop was the monastery at Clonmacnoise. Founded by St. Ciaran in the sixth century, it didn’t look too worse for the wear for a bunch of roofless stone buildings that were several hundred years old. Gorgeous country side though. We found this one spot where the stone walk ended in a circle and again the marker marked the spot and the Hubs kissed me.
It was a lovely afternoon.
Then Gary got very tired and needed to rest in his chair and the trip was over. I’m left with a travel book that is all marked up and the memory of several lovely kisses upon the green, green grasses of Ireland. It was a good day.
Maybe one day, I’ll pack LuLu up and put us on a plane and make the trip for real. I can just see us tooling around the shores of Lake Killarney. Maybe we’ll visit every spot where the Hubs and I kissed. We’ll see…
If there is somewhere special you’ve always wanted to kiss your loved one, then don’t wait. Go. Kiss. Make a memory. I’m telling ya, life is too short. The days stack up and fly by. Illness may strike or money may run out, or… there are a thousand different excuses to keep you from doing it. Seize the day. Don’t wait. Go. Kiss.

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