Wednesday, September 11, 2013

You say, "Thank you."

The Hubs with Nellie Rose.

I walked out into the garage the other day and discovered that Lulu had a flat tire. I teared up. Yeah, I know she’s just a bike, but people, it’s LuLu!
When those we love hurt we can’t help but hurt too, right? It goes without saying that when they are happy, we are happier still. This past Saturday, the Hubs was very happy. Thanks to some sweet folks who gathered over the weekend to celebrate his life and ministry, the Hubs got to experience something too few people get to. Folks came from several states just to sit in a room with him for the afternoon and tell him how much he means to them. Gary was embarrassed and uncomfortable and utterly touched by such expressions of love.
For one brief afternoon, we were on Holy Ground. God was in the house. Voices spoke love and sang songs. Scripture was read. Stories were told. Tears were shed. Laughter bounced off the rafters. The gathering was reminiscent of Tom Sawyer walking in on his own funeral ... minus the funeral part.
What do you say to someone who thanks you for helping them raise their children? What do you say to someone who tells you that you saved their marriage? What do you say to someone who tells you that you rescued them? What do you say to someone who travels across several states just to give you a hug? What do you say to someone who says they followed you to Jesus’ feet? What do you say to someone who insists you made a difference?
Words fail you. You look at them incredulously. No! It was THEY who showed you God’s face and Jesus’ nail prints. It was THEY who taught you how to be a better spouse, parent, and person. No! THEY are the ones who made a difference. THEY are the ones who saved you.
But they insist it was you. So, how do you respond? What do you say?
I guess you just lower your eyes, clasp their hands and say, “Thank you. I had no idea.” Or “You’re welcome. It was my greatest pleasure.”  Such inadequate words. Such overused expressions, yet how else can you communicate how touched, humbled and overwhelmed their words made you feel?
Like LuLu, the Hubs has been sidelined. Cancer is taking its toll. At times I hurt so much for him my legs want to buckle from the pain of it all. But on this day, this unforgettable day, I rejoiced at the love and gratitude coming Gary’s way. I looked around the room at all the dear faces and felt nothing but pure joy. Gary’s pale cheeks rosied up a bit. His smile, the very same smile that stole my heart almost 42 years ago, took my breath away.
What do you say to a people who took the time to tell you what you mean to them? What do you say to a people who generously gave you money for the growing medical bills? What do you say to a people who stretched out their arms toward you with such compassion and friendship? What do you say to a people, who honored the Love Of Your Life with such generosity, intimacy, and authentic love?
I guess you simply say … Thank you.

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