Monday, August 15, 2011

Back in the Saddle again...

Photo: Me and the hubs at the Alamo this spring. Cute guy, huh?

The LuLu Chronicles

LuLu-ism # 24: A husband who still flirts with his wife after forty years of marriage is all right by me.

LuLu and I have been reunited! I know some of you were beginning to think that I had abandoned my little pink bike for good. It has been a busy, busy summer month, but alas I am home and will be here for a while.

This morning I was awake early, saddled up and took a six and a half bike ride. LuLu was like a filly out of the stall, raring to go. Picture in your mind’s eye, a frisky Tennessee Walking horse prancing around the ring at the county fair. That was my LuLu. I was surprised how easy it was for the Fake Knee to get back into the rhythm of pedaling. A quick spin on Rusty, my trusty stationary bike sitting up in the loft, and the knee was good to go.

And then there was the cowgirl.

About mile two my behind (the cowgirl) started whining like a thirteen-year-old who’d just found out she’d have to wear braces for another year. You’d think LuLu’s bike seat was made of pure thorns. But I didn’t heed all the fuss. I kept on pushing through and got back home and waddled into the house like a true trail rustler.

I’ve also been reunited with the hubs, Gary Cleveland. The sweet man toughed it out while I was out of town for two weeks. Not sure what he fed himself, but I do happen to know that one of his favorite snacks is Oreos smeared with mayo. We took a bike ride together on Sunday, just a quick spin around our three-mile block. And wouldn’t you know, the man tried to impress me with his bike tricks. The minute we got in our driveway, he gets off his bike, which he’s dubbed ‘Garth’, and sits backwards on the handlebars and starts pedaling towards me in the driveway. Murphy is jumping and barking at him like a circus dog. I’m clapping and cheering him on as my heart does this little pitter-patter thing.

I don’t know about you folks, but I think the hubs missed me. It’s good to be home.



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