Thursday, August 18, 2011


The LuLu Chronicles

LuLu-ism #25: When you don’t know what to do or where to turn, I always find chocolate helps.

Yesterday I was riding LuLu and trying to decide which route to take. I have several routes ‘clocked’ out on the car so I know how far I’ve ridden. If I just want a quick ride, I pedal around our three-mile block. If my legs are feeling good and I want to add a couple more miles, then I might decide to keep riding on past the graveyard and round by the softball field.

Well, yesterday I was trying to decide which way to go. Left toward the lake or straight ahead toward town, when I looked down and saw a spray-painted arrow in the middle of the road that pointed straight ahead. So I did. I went straight. A mile later, I came across another painted arrow that pointed left, so I turned left. I figured someone was trying to tell me something. I ended up riding in an eight-mile big circle.

Don’t you wish it were that simple? You need to make a decision, do I go here or there, do I say yes or no; and then suddenly a sign appears and tells you what to do. How cool is that?

In my life, I’ve begged for signs. When trying to decide whether to move here some thirty-five years ago, my husband and I lamented about what to do. How I longed for a sign from God with a hint. I would have settled for a white fleece to be thrown in my front yard like He did for Joshua back in the old Biblical days telling him ‘yah or nay’. When we had to decide if we should make an offer on that old red house on Cedar Street, we stewed and drove past it a hundred times trying to get a read on our hearts, our finances, our dreams. A sign spray-painted on the front sidewalk assuring us this was the deal of a century would have been nice.

Decision making opportunities present themselves daily and for the most part there’s not a sign nailed up anywhere telling us what to do… except… I am a great believer in prayer. More than once after some conversation spent with The Big Guy I have felt a nudge to lean one way or the other. A sign? Well, I’d much rather have a big, flashing, red billboard plop down in my driveway with the answer scribbled on it, but a nudge will do.

Tomorrow on LuLu maybe I’ll ride until I run across a Stop sign…wouldn’t the cowgirl love that?


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