Monday, August 1, 2011


PHOTO: A little yard-trinket I have in one of my flower beds that reminds
me of a promise I made once... a promise I'm still trying to keep.


LuLu-ism #22: If at first you don’t succeed, quit your whining and get over it; then start again— only be better at it this time around.

LuLu was looking good when I got home on Saturday. Her chain well oiled; Her spokes shiny; Her pedals mud free. She looked perfect. Untouched. A vision of loveliness. We both hated it. She should be more scuffed up if you ask me, not looking new and un-ridden. She thinks so too. If she could talk, she wouldn’t be talking to me. Unfortunately, I’ve neglected her in favor of my stint at camp. I came home for a day and a half and now, I’m sitting in a motel room in Elizabethtown, Kentucky on my way to 1) a reunion with a couple of my childhood friends, 2) a research trip for my next book, and 3) and a road trip with my mom. Those are all good things, but my bike is getting the short end of the deal… so is my Fake Knee and my health in general. How long does it take for your body to revert back to its general unhealthiness after you’ve interrupted you regular exercise routine? I don’t know the answer to that, but I’m afraid I’m about to find out.

I’ve worked hard since April to build up my stamina, my flexibility around the Fake Knee, and the tolerance level of my cowgirl only to undermine everything with my absence. I really must get myself a bike rack. I’m thinking LuLu would love a road trip, don’t you? I’ll have to make plans for that.

Anyway, I’m gone again. But, I’m writing to promise you and LuLu I will try and get some kind of exercise while I’m gone, even if it’s just stretching and flexibility stuff for the Fake Knee. Of course, I’m traveling south. When I pulled into the motel parking lot tonight at 8 p.m. the temp was 94 degrees. I’m going to get in touch with my southern sweaty roots right quickly I do believe. Anyway, that’s my promise: exercise of some kind.

Have you made any promises lately that you’re having trouble keeping? Whether it’s developing a healthy exercise routine, or a new diet, or praying more, or promising to be more encouraging to those around you—whatever it is that you want to do but are failing to do, I want to encourage you to keep trying. If you fail at it one day, forgive yourself, wipe yourself off, lay your head down on your pillow and wake up the next morning determined to try again. Promises are sacred and are meant to be kept.

A happy more successful tomorrow, ya’ll,


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