Thursday, December 8, 2011

Joy to the World- Part Two

Note to self: Do not wear Capri workout pants to ride bike when it is nineteen degrees outside... fool. P.S. It would also be a good idea if I'd wear socks as well.

Yeah, LuLu and I have been riding this week, but I have a new rule. If I can hear my wind chimes clanging, then it's too windy to ride. Well, friends, here's my second installment from my old column writing days. I dedicate this one to you. Thank you for spending some time with me each week since April. I look forward to our new year together and wish you and yours a most blessed Christmas....

Joy to the World- Part Two

I saw a picture the other day in a magazine that has really stuck with me. It was of a group of people sitting in a living room. Ties were loosened, shoes were kicked off and pleasure was written on every face. The scene was extremely intimate.

The enjoyment of being with friends can be one of the blessings of this time of the year.Because of family commitments, we sometimes feel a little bit guilty taking some time out to be with non-related people. Don't! Don't let the season get by without a gathering of friends.

Can there be joy without friends? Can there be friendship without shared thoughts? Talk, don't just entertain. In our "Entertain Me" world, sometimes communication gets lost. TV, DVDs, and games take the place of conversation. We are afraid of lulls, so we push buttons, roll dice, or watch movies… whatever to keep from actually talking.

TALK! In a room unencumbered by distractions, share what matters most to you. Allow your friends to discover what really winds your clock. And by all means, tell these people how much you love them.

Good friends, good conversation, laughter, and shared lives—what can compare?

This season, don't just party--partake in friendship. What joy!

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