Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hi, Ya'll!

I'm sorry that I'm a little behind in posting. The hubs and I are still in Tennessee with family. I hope you have enjoyed a Christmas as sweet as the Cleveland/Doughty clan. We've had good food, tender moments, laughter and now new memories to treasure. A new tradition added this year was Skyping. With our kids, grand kids, and a niece & nephew-in-law scattered to the four winds, it was such a tickle to huddle around the computer screen and take our turns chatting with those missing around our tree this year- a 21st Century-kind of family reunion you might say.

I won't keep you. Why spend time with me when you can hug up on someone dear to you.

Bright idea: During this season what is the one memory/experience you will hold the dearest? Once you've decided, why don't you write it down in 25 words or less and tuck it into your Bible or another favorite book that you know you will be reading this year. Then sometime in 2012 when you come across it on some unsuspecting day, you will get to savor it all over again. Fun, huh?

I'll see you on Thursday and we'll have a little chat about New Year's Resolutions. In the mean time, feel free to enjoy a few holiday shots from the Clevelands.

Talk to ya'll soon,

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