Thursday, December 29, 2011

What's new?

Photo: Murphy and I wish you a humdinger of a new year.


LuLu-ism #41: Less yapping. More pedaling.

The hubs and I are still Christmas-ing in Memphis but will be moseying towards Wisconsin on Friday. LuLu, my pink bike, awaits, as does my elliptical, Hildegard, my exercise ball, Belle, and my stationary bike, Rusty. I fear they are not pleased with, shall we say, how much territory the *Cowgirl is beginning to take up.

With that said, I feel some New Year’s resolutions coming on. How about you? Are you a goal setter? Do you have a hankering to reinvent yourself when the New Year timer gets reset?

I do. And, I make no excuses for it. I like fresh starts. Wiping the slate clean. And, beginnings. So here goes:

Health. I didn’t start riding LuLu just to look fashionable pedaling down the road on a pink bike. I’m trying to get my health back. So, more LuLu and friends. Less excuses.

Balance. I need more of it. For every tear that falls, a good belly laugh is in order. God expects me to take care of myself (hence- LuLu), however, I must also be on the look out for a hand that needs held, a limp that needs a strong shoulder, and a lonely silhouette that needs light. I want to sit at the kids’ table more… and the Lord’s. I want to be more focused… and spend as much time as I can discovering bunnies and tigers in funny shaped clouds.

Learning. The Bible. A novel. A poem. An essay. Fiction. Non-Fiction. Literary. Humor. What do the best of these have in common? Bits of God can be found in them all.

Family. Cherish is the word.

Reverence. God made me and that little brown seedy part of a yellow coneflower. He expects something out of both of us. God put the whale in the ocean and the baby in his mama’s tummy. Both tickle his fancy. He decorated the earth with roses and dogwoods. He’s still working on Heaven even as we speak. His trees fashioned a temple and a cross. I need to remember all these things more.

Well that gets us started. Let’s think of more as the year progresses, shall we?

Happy New Year, dear friends. Aren’t we going to have fun in 2012?


*my behind

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