Thursday, May 10, 2012

“A Child Rises Up”

Momma & me


“An excellent woman who can find?  For her worth is far above jewels...Her children rise up and bless her...” Proverbs 31

            Holding an old photograph of my mother, I see my own face smiling back at me.  Mom, what were you like back then?  What were your dreams and ambitions?  As a surly teenager, I probably thought that I was your only dream and that I fulfilled your only ambition. It’s a wonder that God even allows teenagers to live past the age of fourteen isn’t it?

Forgive me for that. Once I became a mother myself, it must have finally dawned on me that mothers are people too.  How about that.

            Mom, remember all those things you thought I wasn’t listening to?  Well, I was. They have made a difference in my life. You’ve helped me make choices even when you were hundreds of miles away. Through the years my defining question would be, “What would Mom do?” Once I figured that out, I’d proceed confident in my choices. You did good, Mom! I am a better person because you are my mother.

            Thanks for giving me life. Thank you for a childhood that can only be remembered with smiles. Thank you for the independence you taught me from crossing the street by myself to moving across country to a new state.

             You always trusted me, therefore, I became trustworthy.

            Thank you for loving me unconditionally. No matter what I threw at you, it was forgiven and retaliated only with love. And most of all, Mom, thank you for the steadfastness you’ve given my life. By raising me to know that God isn’t make-believe and that He too, loves me unconditionally you gave me a foundation that has held fast through many a storm.

            I’m proud to be your daughter.  I thank God for you and the precious gift called a ‘Mother’s love.’

            Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.  Someday, I hope to grow up to be just like you.

I love you,


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