Monday, May 7, 2012

Church Ladies

 Photo: Dana Carvey's Church Lady

I’m a church lady. No, not the kind of church lady that actor Dana Carvey use to portray on Saturday Night Live with the pinched expression, the finger pointing and the obvious delight in other’s misfortunes. But, I am a church lady all the same.  Here’s my definition:
A church lady is one who laughs easily and enjoys life, especially when she’s with other church ladies.
A church lady has a kitchen full of serving dishes and cake pans with her last name written underneath in Magic Marker. This is a must. With all the potlucks attended, cakes and casseroles baked for the sick, she wouldn’t have a dish left in her cupboards if she didn’t put her name on them. A side note: a church lady usually has a spoon or dish in her own cupboards that needs to be returned to someone.
A church lady knows what it’s like to sit on the floor in a Sunday school classroom full of five-year-olds who are all smushed around her. She knows the joy of little faces beaming in awe over a true story about a big fish, or a big boat, or an empty cross.
A church lady knows what it’s like to sit all day in a hospital surgical waiting room holding the hand of a friend whose loved one’s surgery is taking way too long.
A church lady knows her way around a bulletin board display; a clothing drive, a nursing home, and community volunteer efforts of all kinds.
A church lady usually lays her head down at night exhausted, her heart broken into pieces, and her nerves rubbed down to the nubs. Yet, she sleeps the slumber of one who knows the peace of a day well spent.
A church lady loves with abandon; Hugs with glee.; And, is the first to raise her hand.
Laugh at us. Scoff at us. But when you need us, I promise you we’ll be there.
Our world’s only hope of redemption just might one day be through the hands, hearts and prayers of church ladies.
It’s a tough gig, but someone’s got to do it. I’m proud to be counted among their number.


listening said...

Many sleep better thanks to church ladies! I have been the grateful recipient of those casserole dishes with names on the bottom, and have had my heart strengthened by phone calls and visits over the past 3 decades! When the roll is called up yonder you'll be there <3

The LuLu Chronicles said...

Thanks, 'Listening' for your comments and encouragement.