Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sit and wait...NOT!


It takes courage to leave the house as one ages. This morning I rode LuLu six miles and was passed by three school busses. I’d thought I’d left early enough to be done before I they ran, but not so. You cannot convince me that some little kid on one or all of those busses did not turn around in his bus seat and laugh at the overhang on my bike seat.  If the students would have been a little older I feel sure some cell phones wouldn’t have been snapping away at the retreating *Cowgirl.

I understand why older people just keep to themselves. I get it that they don’t want to be bothered by the foolishness that goes on today. I understand retreat and lay low. But, if we’re not careful, as we age, we will retreat so far and for so long that we’ll have nothing left to offer.

I’ve shared this quote before, but here it is again. lJoan Chittister in her book, The Gift Of Years says, “We learn to say early in the aging process, “I’m too tired. I don’t think I’ll go.”… We teach them to ignore us and then wonder how it happened…. We do less and less all the time until sitting in place becomes the way we go through life.  … We drop out of living just as sure as if we’re already gone and buried….  We deny ourselves layer upon layer of life and wonder why life holds no excitement for us anymore. We do it to ourselves….. So we don’t go on to the next step to begin something new. We fail to go on becoming. We stop in our tracks with years ahead of us and wait.”

I’m only 62. According to Joan I’m considered the pre-teen of old age. Now is the time to ‘man up’ and stare down the attitude that lures me to the recliner that tempts us to shut the door and close the blinds. So what if some kid thinks I look silly riding a pink bike with my big butt waving at them? Deal, kid!
This pre-teen of the dinosaur set has things she still wants to do.  And I invite you if you’re anywhere near my age, saddle up, put on your sun visor and get out there. Don’t be afraid. Don’t give in to the arthritic creak. Don’t be one of those who chooses to sit and wait.
If God didn’t want us out there, He wouldn’t of created Spandex, Ben-gay or Dr. Scholl’s.


listening said...

Just the challenge I needed this morning- and every morning! Thank you, Deb!

Terri Rydmark said...

Ride on Sister! I am mentally pedaling along side you. Kids need to see what they will be facing in time, but that it doesn't have to own them. Carry on LULU- you carry previous cargo!