Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Teachers who love to teach...


As I rode LuLu the other morning I realized the school buses weren’t running. Once you don’t have any children in school you lose track of when school starts and when school ends. However, I do have two sons who are teachers and another son who teaches and performs in school retreats, so the school calendar is still part of our family life.

The other day I asked one of my sons if he liked what he was doing.  He answered, “No.  I love what I’m doing!”

Wow! Great answer. Isn’t it good to know that there are teachers teaching your children, who love what they’re doing? When school rolls around in the fall, teachers will begin preparing themselves to go back into the classroom after a summer’s break.  They’ll start getting butterflies in their stomachs, sharpening their pencils, decorating their rooms, making lesson plans and some of them will even begin praying for the children that will soon walk through their classroom doors.

One of the greatest counter balances to the horror that has besieged our schools are teachers who love what they’re doing. Who knew how dangerous teaching would  become? Who could have ever imagined that a teacher’s role would one day include shielding a child with their own body against a crazed assassin? Teachers are priceless and in my opinion way underpaid.

I’m proud of my sons and what they do and how they do it.  If someone like them is waiting for your child at the start of the next school year, dance a jig and say a prayer of thanksgiving.  Teachers who love to teach ignite imaginations, nurture creativity, and educate a nation.

As I pedaled LuLu, I thought about those big yellow buses and their precious cargo. Blessed is a child who has a teacher who loves to teach.



Matthew Cleveland said...

Mom, you deserve to see a whole school bus load of Scottish men in kilts on one of your lulu adventures.

The LuLu Chronicles said...

Thanks Matty. I wonder what your dad would think of that?