Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Forever Friends...

One of my Forever Friends riding LuLu as Murphy navigates.

What I love about my life: a pink bike and Forever Friends. Over the weekend the Hubs and I got to visit with some old friends. Even though it had been over seven years since we’d seen each other our conversation began as seamless as simply turning to the next page of a book. If you’re wondering, that’s the sign of a Forever Friend.
These friends are bike people. They ride hundreds of miles a year on their fancy-dancey bicycles, so when LuLu came into my life, they were immediate fans. When they arrived on Saturday they could hardly wait to be introduced to the pink bike. LuLu was quite pleased with herself and with the attention.
I wake some mornings and don’t know where I am. Oh, I know I’m in my own bed and my own home, but I don’t recognize my life. Gone is its rhythm. I walk clumsily through my morning wondering what I should be doing or not doing. By the afternoon I still haven’t got my bearings. Gary’s illness has created a static of sorts in our days shorting out our energy and causing havoc to our emotions. Yet, a visit from a loved one always has this lovely grounding effect and acts like a directional on our hearts. I love my life because of Forever Friends and recently it has dawned on me that I have oodles of them. How great is that? We have all these friends who write us notes, emails and letters, real honest-to-goodness letters, just to tell us they are thinking of us, praying for us and loving us. The Hubs and I get these phone calls out of the blue and the minute we hear a sweet familiar voice, for a brief moment, the rhythm is back. The bass, the treble, the beat of the drum once again rights our hurting world.
I love my life.
I love my pink bike, LuLu. In her own way, as I pedal and balance myself on her always torturous seat the residue of my old life, the life that was full of a healthy husband, longing dreams and future plans is remembered and cherished. As the wind greets my face, combs my lashes and refreshes my spirit, I remember, oh so briefly, who I am and what great gifts I have been given.
I love my life.
I have a pink bike. I am surrounded and blessed by Forever Friends.
I love my life.



Bill Minarik said...

I love your life and I love you.

Riding Lulu is one of my life celebrated treasures.

The LuLu Chronicles said...

Thanks, Bill. LuLu quite enjoyed it as well.