Thursday, August 8, 2013

I love my life...


“What I love about my life today:” I have a writer friend who every morning starts her Facebook entry with those words. It has made an impact on me and it is one I want to steal (oops!) I mean borrow for myself (Sorry, Vinita).
I can’t allow all the sorrow I’m feeling these days to own me. While I think it’s healthy to mourn what the Hubs and I are suffering through with his cancer, I must keep looking for what’s most important about these days and this path. So, today I am going to rejoice in the fact that my grandsons and I went ‘froggin’. Yep, you heard me… froggin’. We kicked off our shoes, rolled up our pants and started wading along the edge of our pond. First, though, we had to get our froggin’ hats on. Mine was pink with a wide brim. Four-year-old Cormac’s was Papa’s Roll Tide ball cap. Two-year-old, Cian’s hat was MeMe’s Packer ball cap complete with a pink “G” smack dab in the middle of it. Armed with a Bug box, garden shovel and a sand shifter off we went to hunt for frogs.
While the boys and I were on our adventure, Papa Gary and nine-month-old Nellie Rose were hanging together. And here’s what I loved most about my day, Papa Gary felt almost like his old self today. While he wasn’t jumping through hoops, he and Nellie Rose clapped their hands, played patty-cake and cuddled for a good long time. Two days ago, Gary didn’t have enough energy to hold Nellie Rose longer than a few minutes and he took more naps than he was awake. But today he felt good. He played with his grandchildren, granted he wasn’t up to froggin’ but he did a mean patty-cake. The cancer is going to do what it does, but we don’t have to let it be so stingy. Today, Papa was Papa. It was a good day.
Oh by the way, we didn’t catch any frogs but somehow we ended up soaking wet. I don’t know, give a MeMe a garden hose and sooner or later someone’s going to end up on the squirting end.
I loved my life today,

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