Saturday, June 21, 2014

Two days in...

The LuLu Chronicles

Just a quick note. Day Two of our Guatemala mission trip has come to a close  These two days have been remarkable. Yesterday was our first trip to the orphanage.  Of course I fell in love immediately. The girls are lovely. They are charismatic and full of charm and hugs. Pictured above is my new best friend, Lourda.  She's eight-years-old and knows how to work a room. The puppet show was enjoyed by all the girls, and then this afternoon, we made puppets and the girls put on a show for all of the adults.  As we prayed and left this orphanage this afternoon, I felt like I was leaving holy ground as the girls stood outside and waved until we were out of sight. The medical team treated over fifty patients today with various ailments. We even set up a dental clinic. It breaks your heart to see the shape of some of these youngster's teeth. Fortunately for most, their permanent teeth will have a chance of a healthy life with the care our docs are providing.

The country is beautiful. We're surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. The soil is nothing but volcanic ash mixed with dirt and sand and will grow just about anything. Corns stalks are almost twelve feet high in some fields. Of course, the poverty breaks your heart, but I'm coming to realize that we're the only ones who consider them poor. Ask them if they are happy, and a big grin transforms their faces.

It's getting late and the sunrise is getting closer. Three things I'll share for now: First, my first meal on foreign soil was a hamburger at McDonalds. Second, the strangest thing I've seen so far, is a woman, a little younger than me (it's really hard to tell how old some one is here. The rugged lifestyle and hard work ages one quickly) was walking down a muddy path and balanced on top of her head was an upside-down, full-sized wooden desk, and she wasn't even using her hands to steady it. I don't think I'll  complain about carrying out my own little plastic garbage bags to the end of the drive way ever again.

Third, today after the puppet show, I reminded the girls that they were daughters of a King. As we ended the lesson with a prayer all wrapped up in each other's arms, I felt the blessing of Gary wash over me). I had to excuse myself and run to the restroom ( bathrooms are a whole other deal I'll talk about later). The tears flowed as I felt the Hub's presence and my heart longed for what could have been. Gary would have loved these children and these people.

I truly must turn the light out and get some rest. Tomorrow is Sunday. I'm told Sunday worship here can be a long affair. These people take their praise seriously. Then, it's back to the clinic and one last trip to the orphanage.

May God's hands embrace us all.

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