Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Control feaks

I hate to keep talking about weather but it seems that the nasty, windy, chilly, rainy, tornadoey Mother Nature thing is enjoying being in the headlines. My prayers once again go out to those who have suffered the most. This time the dear ones in Joplin, MO.

On Sunday as Gary and I were heading over to the Mayo Clinic for his check up, we ran into hail, wind, rain coming down in sheets, and a tornado. We didn’t see the tornado, but it hit the town we were driving through as we were driving through it. LaCrosse, WI suffered damage, but fortunately no deaths. We and about fifty others were huddled together at a rest stop as Mother Nature had her tantrum.

It dawned on me how little control we really have, especially against something as big as nature. We are at its mercy. We cannot stop a downpour, or for that matter, make rain fall on a dry, parched land. The wind will toss us where it will, and hail will pelt us like a bully on a playground whenever it wants. We are helpless.

The control thing is only a myth we like to perpetuate. We like to thump our chests and shake our fists and prance like roosters and pretend we’ve got it all covered, but we don’t.

While at Mayo, we got another good report. Gary is cancer-free at the moment. But as we waited all day for the results of his PET scan I didn’t feel any different than I did as we huddled at the rest stop waiting out the storm. I had no control. Nothing I could do could influence the results one way or the other. I was at something else’s mercy.

The good news in all of this out of control, powerless, helpless realization? I’m not the best one qualified to be in control. I’m a little lacking when it comes to telling a thundercloud where to go or a cancer cell to scat. But I know Someone who excels at it. His wisdom rates off the charts. His track record at standing firm and fearless at our side in times of trouble is pretty impressive. Evil fears Him. Angels worship Him. So, I will trust Him… with nature and my husband’s health. But, I must remember, He never promised easy. He promised faithfulness. That is good enough for me.



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