Thursday, May 26, 2011


PHOTO: LuLu pre-basket


LuLu-ism # 14: Waiting is for the birds… and apparently Deb Cleveland.

Perhaps I should I have bought a golf cart instead of a bicycle. At least, it would have a top on it to protect me somewhat against the elements. And believe me there are elements galore right now. Yesterday, it rained all day, didn’t get much above fifty degrees and the wind was strong enough to could blow the hair off your arms. Today, not much better. So what’s a girl to do when she has this awesome bike waiting for her out in the garage? Her shiny new basket is just waiting for Murphy to hop aboard. Her white-walled tires are itching to hit the road. She wants to get out there and flaunt all of her ‘pinkness’ like a runway queen. And her bike seat is just waiting there perched at the ready taunting my cowgirl to hop on and see if she can conquer the saddle like a bull rider at a rodeo.

But alas, no can do. Our weather seems to be stuck in this ‘spring from Hades’ mode allowing neither man nor beast the pleasure of the tiptoeing through the tulip experience. So what can I do? I long. I drool in anticipation of a warm day. I walked around LuLu like a man on a car lot eyeing the red Corvette. I kick her tires (gently of course). I run my hand over her pink fenders. I play with her gears. And, I wait.

Waiting isn’t easy for me. I’m a ‘right now kind of gal’. I see things to be done and do them. I buy a Hersey candy bar and unwrap it right there on the spot. I prepare and then I do. This waiting business is for, well, those who can wait. So, I’m sensing I have yet another lesson to be learned. Waiting and anticipation can be good. Good for what I’m not yet sure, but apparently they must build character. That’s what life lessons are supposed to do, right? I’m wondering when my character is actually going to be built. You’d think by age 60 I’d be pretty ready to get on with it, with character checked off my ‘to do’ list. God is funny that way. I guess we aren’t truly done learning until we round the bend and see those Pearly Gates.

So, I will wait. When the day is right, I will ride once again. And, I will be a better person for it.

Wishing all of you a warm, dry, perfect Memorial Day weekend. And, small plugs for not waiting… get your flags up. Honor our country and those who didn’t have the luxury to wait.


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