Wednesday, May 4, 2011



LuLu-ism #9: Don't leave sweaty biking pants on floor where tiny, white dog can get to them, unless you don't mind riding all over creation with a hole in your pants. Trust me... it happens.

Missed me? Yeah, sorry about that. I hate to repeat myself, but the weather here has been depressing. If it wasn’t raining, it was too windy. If it wasn’t windy the temps were in the low digits. And, there were days, it was all of the above. Simply not good bike riding weather. Of course, I suppose if I was a die-hard bike rider I wouldn’t let any of those things deter me. But I’m not. I’m a whimp who fancies herself more dedicated and committed than she really is. However, as luck would have it, this morning—no wind, no rain and the temps were above freezing. So, hop on LuLu I did.

I’ve spend a great deal of time ‘tricking out’ LuLu. First, I was on a quest to find the perfect bicycle seat. After three tries, I’m telling ya folks, there ain’t one. But I did find one my cowgirl could live with. Then it was trying to find the perfect basket for Murphy to ride along in. It took two tries there. I still haven’t taken Murp on his inaugural ride, but that’s coming soon. And then, I had to find the perfect pedals. You see with the Fake Knee, I can only bend it so far and to do that I can’t put my entire foot on the pedal. I can only peddle with my heel. Hence, I needed pedals with little spiky thingys on them to hold my heel in place. My first two sets of pedals just could not do it, and I was forever having my foot slip off the pedal making it slow going. But this morning, I tried out third pair and Wa-La! Heel stayed in place. A firm connection was made. A side note here: My sweet hubby has been rolling his eyes every time I’ve taken something back to the store and every time he’s had to put yet another seat on LuLu or a new set of peddles. I don’t know why he seems so surprised. I’ve been a high-maintenance gal ever since he’s met me. After thirty-nine years wouldn’t you think he’d just expect it from me? I guess he can always hope. Bless his heart.

A great ride this morning. My foot made a solid connection. I was able to peddle with confidence and no slipping.

Make solid contact. Have confidence. No slipping.

Makes sense doesn’t it? In bike riding and other stuff. I have found that in my spiritual life if I am making solid and repeated contact with my God either through regular prayer, meditation, or reading the Word, I am less afraid. I can participate boldly in my own life with confidence and without slipping.

Just a thought.

Love you guys,


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