Monday, September 26, 2011


PHOTOS: Murphy hamming it up


LuLu, Murphy and I wish you all a colorful and joyful autumn! I wish those of you not living in Wisconsin could experience the beautiful fall we're having. The colors, while not at their peak yet, are gearing up to be spectacular. Last Saturday I donned my sweatshirt, hat, wool socks and headed out on LuLu to enjoy the sights. It was my fifteen mile day.

Have you ever seen a field of soybeans so vibrant that you think you're looking at golden coins? Ever seen rows and rows of corn the color of baby blond hair? Ever ridden by a pumpkin patch that looked like it was peppered with huge orange dots? Ever seen a rolling meadow in the fall lush in purples, yellows and blues? Ever ridden your bike down a path lined with a dozen Autumn Blaze Maples? If you haven't experienced any of those sights, what are you waiting for? Get on your bike or your walking shoes and get yourself out into the country side (especially if you're living in WI) and soak it all in. This splash of color doesn't last long, please don't miss it.

Like I said, Saturday was my fifteen mile day. The bike ride was great, however, when I got back home I couldn't tell my Good Knee from my Fake Knee, both were smartin' pretty bad. And, the Cowgirl was acting like I'd made her ride the whole time sitting on a cactus. What a baby. But, I do not regret the experience.

Regret. Isn't that a lousy way to live a life? Always thinking "I should have..." or "I wished I would have..." What stops us from doing something we're yearning to do or experiencing something new? What kind of bad self-talk goes around in our heads when we're itching to burst from our shackles of decorum, and on the verge of taking off white socks and replacing them with lime green ones, but then we don't?

Do it! Life is just too short to regret not doing half of it. Do. It. Now.

Happy doing,

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