Thursday, September 22, 2011

The yellow chair


Poor LuLu. We haven’t gone for a ride since last Friday. It was too busy of a weekend with the grand boys and then took a little trip from Sunday till now. And today, I was hoping to hop on her but woke up to wind and a drizzling rain. I’ve been pretty persistent in my bike riding and don’t mind rain if it’s a nice warm summer rain. But a cold fall rain is a whole other animal. Hence, I settled for going out to the garage and giving her a pat and promising her that tomorrow was another day.

I’m disappointed because I really needed LuLu today. I needed to clear my head. I needed to find some focus. I needed some prayer time. LuLu gives me all of those. Her little pink self does some amazing things if I just start pedaling.

So I climbed up stairs and straddled Rusty, the indoor exercise bike. Nope. No clarity and focus found there. What to do?

I find myself gravitating to the yellow wicker chair in our bedroom. It’s an old chair, real wicker. When I sit in it, the air sometimes quiets around me. It did today. I bowed my head. I allowed my heart to cry. I emptied out the glass that has splintered my soul the last couple of days. Then I sat, spent, quiet, alone.

The yellow chair wasn’t LuLu. But she was the next best thing today. Lesson learned: God will provide a time and a place if we truly want one.



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