Friday, September 16, 2011

Things I've Learned from LuLu this summer


LuLu-ism # 30: Who’d of thought that getting back on a bike after all these years would be so fun. Goes to show you should never let the Cowgirl rule the roost.

Summer is gone where I live. Temps dipping near the 30s at night. Highs during the days in the 60s or less. It’s officially autumn. What that means to me is that my biking wear changes somewhat. Gone are the capris and the sun visor out come the sweatpants… and the wool hat, the heavy sweatshirt, socks and sometimes gloves. But I love riding in this weather. It feels different, smells different and it makes me pedal a little faster.

The end of summer also makes me reflect on the things I’ve learned for my LuLu during these carefree days. This summer LuLu has taught me:

~ to spit and not splat on myself (never could do that before)

~ there is no comfortable bike seat

~ flip flops make for horrible biking shoes

~ think about how far you ride, you have to ride the same distance back

~ which way the wind blows does matter

~ bugs taste bad

~ roosters can run … fast

~ if you have a hole in your pants, don’t get off your bike

~ just because you ride 12 miles in one day doesn’t mean you’ll lose 12 lbs

~ the first rotation of the pedal leads to the second

~ life is not a race, it’s a slow steady cruise

~ you’ll only find out if you can do something if you try

~ doing your personal best is its own reward

~ and… blessings come packaged in all kinds of surprises, even pink bikes

Hope your summer was everything you had hoped.

Love you guys,


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