Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Slide Show


LuLu-ism #32: Whatever it is that gives you joy, the kind of joy that makes you dance in your sleep and hum without thought, is the present that God most delights in giving...

As I write this Gary and I are back in Rochester at the Mayo Clinic. We've had a bump in the road when Gary's last PET scan revealed another lymph node with cancer. So, another surgical procedure later, we're back getting things checked out again.

We're coming off of a week of being at a retreat where our cups we're filled with fellowship, worship, and a renewal of spirit. If anything could get us prepared for where we are now, those few days at Fallhall Glen were it. God is so good that way, providing what is needed exactly when it is most needed.

As I get ready for bed and an early morning of doctors and waiting rooms, my heart goes to a happy place. I am basking in the warm glow of friendship. The retreat put me in the arms of so many who love us and have been praying for us for over a year now. Arms around the shoulders, gentle touches on the arm, and a hand held. It was also three days of lots of laughter. I'm here to tell you there is no better medicine.

I'm also resting in a thankfulness for the care and nurturing that only God can supply. Laced through that nurturing is a gentle nudge to remember all in which we have been blessed. Whenever it gets a little tough, I have a slide show begin running through my head of faces and smiles and moments that fortify my soul and walk me safely to next thing, whatever that thing is. So, without anymore words, I share with you some of the images that plump my heart tonight, as I await what tomorrow may bring.

I love you all and can only hope that you have a similar slide show that fills your cup.

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