Thursday, April 5, 2012



"It is finished."

Darkness bellowed across the sky. The earth began trembling slightly and then grew into a jarring that shook the earth from its axis. Boulders split where they sat. Tombs fell open and the dead walked among the living. And finally, man fell to his knees.

A broken body was taken from a crude, bloodstained cross. Roman nails were left in the wood as a witness to horror. The crime had been revenged, but not by the criminal. Tenderly, and veiled through tears, the Crucified was wrapped and taken to a borrowed grave where it was sealed and left in silence.

After three days of waiting, the earth groaned and again shook its foundation. The seal to the tomb was rolled away by arms ordained. A radiant face, a rejuvenated body greeted those who came running. Death was now the broken one. Rocking back and forth to the earth's triumphal roar, the cross creaked powerlessly.

Fear. Envy. Denial. Mocking. Scourging. Thorns. Robe. Cross. Vinegar. Spear. Blood and Water. Forgiveness. Darkness. Waiting. Victory.

He is alive!

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