Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bedroom Redo

 PHOTO: LuLu trying to look innocent.

LuLu-ism #51: Women over 60 should not be on ladders. It’s like sticking your tongue out at Mother Nature and daring her to strike you with lightening.

The other day while riding LuLu I got this bright idea that it was time to re-decorate our bedroom. When I’m out on my pink bike, I get to believing I can do anything in no time at all and with hardly any money. Hence, LuLu gets me in trouble… a lot.
So, this week I spent a day taking stuff of the walls of my bedroom, patching holes, removing furniture away from the walls, which to my horror I discovered twelve-year-old colonies of dust bunnies, dog toys, grandchildren toys, several socks (None of them matching), and Jimmy Hoffa. Who knew? Then I proceeded to place blue tape around the baseboards and windows. Eight hours later, I’m ready to start painting.
Day Two had me up and down on a ladder for hours with a paint roller over my head, thus enraging my arthritis, my fibromyalgia, and the Fake Knee. LuLu also gave me the idea that I could paint an ‘accent wall’ in a different color with no problem. Wrong! Big problem trying to not bleed the colors over on to each other. I was concentrating so hard on not bleeding colors together that I didn’t even notice that I had spilled almost my whole container of paint I was holding onto my shoulder, down my leg and onto the carpet.  Supper that night was peanut butter… on a spoon.
Day Three spent removing the thousands of yards of blue tape from said windows and trim only to find paint still seeped onto areas I did not want it. Thus, I spent an hour or so scraping and scrubbing paint off of trim. Scooting furniture back in place with the help of the burly Hubs was fun. Having him snarl at the new color was not. Then I had to break my own heart as I put nail holes in those new fresh walls to hang stuff back up. Of course, the new paint color made the old bedspread and old curtains look really shabby. Yep, add those to the cost of paint, brushes, rollers, and drop cloth (which was on the other side of the room when I spilled paint on the carpet), and this quick, easy and cheap re-do has cost me a small fortune… and has the Hubs snarling all the more.
Moral of story: Maybe I should sell LuLu.

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