Thursday, July 19, 2012

Camp Continues


Nathan & Cormac at the Upper Falls at camp.
Camp: hot, humid, buggy (especially huge, black hornets), dry & dusty vs. laughing children, brilliant staff, excellent food (no, really!), & the Presence of God. No contest. I'd rather be here than anywhere else on the face of the earth.

Yesterday's theme: We (believers in God and His Son, Jesus Christ) are the salt and light of the earth. What does that mean?

Salt- what are the characteristics of salt? It preserves, flavors, and causes thirst. Is that not what God's people are suppose to be doing as we walk around on this planet? Preserving God's message; Our joy in Him adding joy (flavor) to the lives of others; And, if we're living The Message, it is causing those around us to want more, to know more, to be more.

Light- Light pokes holes in the darkness. Light gives hope. Light illuminates the path. Our mission while passing through this life, is to reflect the light of The Light. We're to glow in the dark and give those hurting and searching a safe passage home.

It was a good day. And, a special activity of Zombies (campers) capturing village people (staff) wasn't too shabby either. I'll do anything for a Klondike bar (which was the reward for volunteering to be a said village person.


P.S. LuLu is still at the spa. She's gonna be hard to live with when I get back home.

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