Monday, July 16, 2012

Fall Hall Glen

My son, Nathan, and his sweet family in the creek.

Hey, gang,
     LuLu has gone on a little sabbatical. Picture her at a bicycle spa getting her tires cleaned, her seat massaged, and her spokes realigned. As she chills, I am once again back at Wisconsin Christian Youth Camp with one hundred teenagers. I'm here for two weeks among about forty other counselors and staff. Let me give you a little recap of our first today's activities:

           Awaken at 6:15 by sweltering temps- it got up over 100 degrees by early afternoon. Flag raising and The Pledge. Devo and meditation. Breakfast. Class registration. Canteen. Lunch. Rest period. Team activity that included a race to untangle a frozen t-shirt and socks and place them on a team member. Glorious! Swimming in the creek. Canteen again. Supper. Free time. Devo. Back in the creek before bed.

Lots of laughter, fun, sweat, games, sweet conversation, meeting new friends, enjoying old friends, and enjoying the beautiful creation of God. All around us are majestic pines, a gorgeous creek with two waterfalls, flowers of every variety, critters, and even a black bear was spotted.

Why do I come here year after year, after all I keep getting older and the campers stay the same age? I'm smitten. I'm in love with hanging out with these bright and fun kids. I also feel that I am called to this place, this moment, this privilege of introducing God into the hearts and minds of kids.

Tomorrow it's back up at 6:15, hopefully to a little cooler day and I begin teaching my Improv class to twenty students, teach my Bible Class and present two devotionals for the day. And, of course back to the creek for swimming.

I'm so fortunate to share this ministry with my family. This year, the Hubs is here with me as well as our son, Nathan, our daughter-in-law, Erin, and our two grandsons, Cormac and Cian. I am one blessed MeMe. The mosquitoes have all been killed off by the heat, but the sweat bees and hornets are alive and well.

Keep us in your prayers.


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