Thursday, September 27, 2012



Life is a series of footsteps and heartbeats… and/or pedal rotations.  With every step, beat and pedal we come closer to understanding who we are, why we are, and Who made it all possible.  The bike path of life is worn by the multitudes who travel her.  The comfort in the journey is knowing it isn't traveled alone.  We are companions connected by a cord of humanness and createdness.

Have you ever squeezed the Charmin?  Have you ever put peanuts in your bottled Coke-a-Cola?  Have you ever entered the wrong public bathroom?  Have you ever gotten clothes out of the dirty clothes hamper and worn them one more day? Have you ever been afraid?
See, we are the same, but different. We are God's most prized creation. We're all made from the same recipe with just a few different ingredients. To some are given a singing voice, strong and beautiful; to others, calculus or Shakespeare are old friends; A white sauce and chocolate mousse are works of art to the gourmet; Capturing the beauty on canvas or in needlepoint is the talent of a few. Connected by our sameness, we are enhanced by our individual uniqueness. We should embrace this, not be afraid of it.
Mankind melted in a pot means neighbors, friends, family, all with faces, all with names. God knows the names. He sculpted the faces.
With each beat, step and pedal, I'm coming closer to accepting my sameness all the while discovering my own uniqueness. We may bump shoulders along the path. If we do, will you walk a ways with me? Will you hop on your bike and join me? I can't be missed. I'll be the one on the pink bike wearing the day-old clothes.


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