Thursday, September 6, 2012

I am woman...


When I was a child, I thought being a girl was the pits!  My brother got to do all the fun stuff light years earlier than I did and got all the cool toys. He got an English Racer bike with thin tires built for speed. I got a little blue bike with training wheels. (Of course, I now have a pink bike with big, fat tires. I win!) When he and his friends went camping, they actually got to camp out in the woods. When my girlfriends and I went camping, we got to pitch a bedspread over the kitchen chairs in the back yard.  My brother got a BB gun and went on adventures. I got a Barbie doll and played house.  During the summer my brother got to play baseball under the lights. I got to keep score. It wasn't until I matured a little that I could appreciate my more feminine qualities and my exclusive opportunities.

It took awhile, but I finally realized that I was not created second best or ever expected to travel through life second class.  My life is important and God expects a lot from me.

Man and I are not rivals.  We are fellow-sojourners on the same walk.  Our differences enhance our humanness.  Our sameness makes us partners.  How can we claim victory if both are neutered by today’s rhetoric?

In the 1950s, women were beat over the head with the word and idea of ‘submission’. But, I’m here to tell you, that in this new 21st century, I am not afraid of that word or it’s meaning.  I greet it as my greatest challenge.  I don't want to fight it, but rather to grow enough to become it.  Submission isn't a "woman's thing" like we were always told, it's a "people thing".  Submission is the corner stone of servant hood, which is the foundation of love, which is the bottom line of life.  A friend of mine says, "Authority is not the first word in leadership, submission is."    I like that.

I am woman.  I am a vital part of mankind.  Actually, there are no un-vital parts.  The question isn't am I better or equal, but rather, dare I make a difference?


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