Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A little bit of stress...


One of my favs, fried green tomatoes
Okay, if you’ve check in with LuLu and I over the last month, you know that we’re experiencing a little bit of stress. I’ve been in Tennessee the whole month of February caring for my mom who had surgery and my dad who is in advance stages of Alzheimer’s. I came home a few days ago because my husband’s recent PET scan indicates a return of his cancer. Yep, a little bit of stress…
I don’t mean to make light of it. My guts are churning. My heart is broken. And, I know all of this makes me extremely vulnerable for sickness myself. Even more reason to try and incorporate healthy habits during this time. So far, I’ve failed miserably. Don’t know what you know about the south, but once you reach the Mason Dixon line you are escorted across by the twins, Fried Chicken and Chicken Fried Steak. Then, there’s BQ, the real deal, slow cooked over an open pit, and let’s not forget fried okra. I gained almost five pounds while caring for my folks.
The good news is that I came home to a pretty empty fridge and cupboards. I think the Hubs was about to start smearing peanut butter on table legs for supper. This means I can once again stock up on the good stuff. Fresh veggies and fruits, lean meats etc., which I plan on doing… as soon as we get back from Mayo Clinic.
Mayo Clinic… another hurdle in the healthy life style agenda. Eating on the run is never a good idea. Eating under stress is like talking without a mental filter—anything could come out, and with eating under stress—anything could go in.
I need your prayers for many things right now, but if you get a minute, would you please add to your prayer list that I would be able to take care of myself as well.
Later, dear ones…

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Meagan Justus said...

You have my prayers! I know it's hard to take care of yourself right now but it is true that you will have more of yourself to give when you first take care of yourself.