Wednesday, March 27, 2013

We know WHO can...

Papa and Kasia
Hey, family & friends,
 I’ve decided to use LuLu’s Chronicles to give updates on our cancer journey. So if you want to find out how we’re doing, please check here from time to time. We’re home now. Gary had his first ‘ipi’ treatment last Friday at Mayo. It’s an immune therapy drug that, hopefully, will help his body stand up and fight the cancer. Not too many side effects so far.
Last weekend, most of our family came and we enjoyed some time together. Our daughter-in-laws have decided that fighting cancer means eating lots of cancer fighting foods. Hence, the delicious spinach lasagna we enjoyed last weekend, made by Sarah. And this week, Erin and the kids have stayed with us to make all kinds of juices from veggies and fruits. Who knew that chard would taste so good through a straw? She’s been working so hard to make main dishes fortified with cancer-fighting combatants like beets, broccoli and other good stuff. She’s made us this whole wheat bread filled with flax seeds and tree bark (just kidding) that would crack the marble countertop if dropped, but is wonderful tasting.  She’s freezing things like wheat and flaxseed and lemon pancakes and cleaning out all my ‘bad’ foods from the cupboard that contain sugar and other ingredients none of us can pronounce much less should be putting in our bodies.
On Monday, a friend from church who is a massage therapist, came and gave Erin and I each a one-hour massage. She said it was her way of helping us with the fight.
We received cards and emails and Facebook messages from all over the country that have warmed our hearts and made us truly feel that we are not in this fight alone.
The other day our doctor spent lots of time with us explaining and answering questions. He’s a Believer and even asked us if we needed time to pray about our next steps. We told me him ‘no’ that that was already covered by an army of folks. We told him we were ready for treatment. He continued to explain that melanoma is not curable, but that he’d do all he could to help us with this fight. He did say though, “If the next time we take a PET scan and find the cancer is gone, we’ll know that I had nothing to do with it.”
Our doctor cannot heal Gary’s cancer. But, we all know Who can. I can’t tell you what a blessing it is that our doctor with all his education, research and experience knows that too.
We’re doing okay for now. We feel loved, supported, and prayed up and down over. We truly do not feel we deserve such honor, but are so grateful you’re all willing to give it.
Love you all,

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