Thursday, March 14, 2013


Well, it wasn’t a shoe…

They did find cancer in Gary’s liver and it is inoperable. There is also a cancerous lymph node in his pelvic area. With these new sightings Gary is now considered in Stage Four Melanoma.  We will come back to Mayo next week to meet with our new Medical Oncologist to map out a plan of chemotherapy. Fortunately, just this past January, two new drugs have been approved for the treatment of melanoma and they have had some impressive results thus far. Gary is also a good candidate for a research/trial that we will discuss with the doc next week. 

      I know it’s scary. Gary and I have felt the whole gamut of emotions in just a few hours. But a couple of things we have not felt are hopeless nor alone. A battle is ahead of us for sure, but with your love and our Father’s faithfulness, we will march into it together. 

     Below is my favorite quote. My greatest desire is to one day be able to pray this prayer with all sincerity and confidence. Please pray it with me now….

"Abba, I abandon myself into your hands.  Do with me what you will.  Whatever you may do, I thank you.  I am ready for all; I accept all.  Let your will be done in me and all your creatures.  I wish no more than this, O Lord.  Into your hands, I commend my spirit.  I offer it to you with all the love of my heart, for I love you, Lord, and I give myself, surrender myself into your hands without reserve, with boundless confidence, for you are my father."

I love you all,


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