Thursday, October 27, 2011


Photos: Earthworks on the shore of Lake Michigan.


Another day without LuLu. Gary and I are still in Door County celebrating our fortieth wedding anniversary. I wanted to bring LuLu to this gorgeous vacation spot but the hubs convinced me that we’d go to all that trouble to get her here and then the weather probably wouldn’t cooperate anyway. As it turns out, he was right… he’s been right a few times during our marriage.

Yesterday, Gary, Murphy and I took a hike on a trail that led down to the pebbled shore of Lake Michigan. Imagine our surprise when we arrived at the water’s edge and found ourselves surrounded by a hundred or so man-made rock sculptures stacked along the shore. Balanced one on top of the other, rocks of all shapes, sizes and textures were creatively stacked into the most amazing earthworks. Think Stonehenge only tons lighter and lots smaller.

As we stood among the sculptures, the fresh air, and the gentle rolling waves we couldn’t help but feel that we were standing in the middle of a beautiful, large art piece. We responded in the only way we could-- we began to create our own sculpture. Stone upon stone we stacked and balanced rocks until we got them just right. It was exhilarating contributing to what was already begun. It gave us a sense of community, an extraordinary, anonymous community that simply wanted to say, “We were here. Enjoy.”

It was a serendipitous experience, a sweet gift. By using elements created by God, himself, we were able to create something within The Creation. It was a nice moment.

You can never have enough pleasant surprises.



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