Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Lust for Pink

PHOTO: My LuLu dressed for fall...


So, I was in the store yesterday and a pink bike caught my attention across the way. As I get closer my heart starts to thump hard. Could it be? How could it be? But sure enough there sat LuLu, well, not my LuLu, but the next generation of LuLu. Sleeker. Two hand brakes instead of one. Chrome fenders instead of pink. And, oh my goodness, a pink basket sitting on her handle bars as pretty as you please. There’s no other word for it… I lusted. I thought of my LuLu at home, now with a few dents in her fenders. Only one hand brake. Lots of miles on her white walls. And, lawdy, lawdy, a meager ol’ wire basket that I had to purchase extra. I wanted pink. I wanted the new LuLu! As I stood there gawking at the temptress, I reminded myself of a straying husband, you know the scumbags who trade in the wife of their youth for one with fewer miles on her tires. Shame on me!

And that’s how it happens. We’re attracted to the new, the shiny, the promise of something better and if we don’t watch ourselves we’ll buy what we don’t need, we’ll trade up only to find the new isn’t better, it’s just, well, pinker.

Isn’t this is how we’ve gotten ourselves into this financial mess as a nation? We can’t control our lust for pink, so to speak. We keep wanting more pink! A friend of mine once said that lust, in terms of a man, doesn’t start when he looks at another woman, it starts when he take his eyes off of his own wife. A wise thing to remember in marriage, good stewardship, and bike lust.

I went home jumped on LuLu and took a spin. The ride was sweet. Her brake did just fine. Her dents were endearing. Her tires got me home. The only pink I need, I’ve already got.

Enjoy your pink today!


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