Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Do overs


LuLu-ism #42: If at first you don’t succeed, get your Cowgirl in gear, quit your whining, and start again… baby.

I’m about to be convinced that there is something to this global warming thingy. To be honest I haven’t given it much thought until now. Snow comes. Snow goes. Sunshine comes. Sunshine goes. But in Wisconsin, it is unheard of to be able to ride one’s bike on dry, iceless roads in the month of January. But I got to tell you, LuLu and I looked pretty smart the other day tooling down the road in nothing but a sweatshirt and ear muffs. (Well I had on other stuff, but no heavy coat, no long johns and no gloves.) It was an out-of-winter-experience.

So, the health plan continues. I’m exercising. I’m starting to make better eating choices and I’m taking my vitamin supplements. Yet… it’s all still hard. Given a choice I’d rather have a chocolate dipped Oreo over an apple any day. And, oranges are great, but peanut butter M & M’s are to die for in my book.

You should hear the arguments I have with myself about throwing the covers off early in the morning and going down in the basement and climbing on Hildegard. The Sweatmaker. If the sun isn’t going to show it’s bright face before 7 a.m. then why should I? Confession time: The covers are winning more times than not.

With all that said, I’m still trying.

Still trying. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Trying. Making an effort? If you mess up, you try again. If the covers win, or the Oreo wins or Hildegard is too scary, we don’t give up. Tomorrow is a do-over.

I’m not just talking exercise and eating, I’m talking life. If you make mistakes, do what needs to be done to make amends, forgive yourself, forgive others and then start again.

I say, thank our God for second chances and do-overs.



erin said...

amen! :)

Lynne Frost said...

How come working out makes you so hungry. I am back in the pool several days a week, easy now when it's warm, harder tomorrow when it's cold and slippery - but when there I pretend I'm in the Bahamas. I once had a friend whose husband just quit eating French fries and quickly lost 17 pounds. How long since you've had a French fry (and that doesn't count the one you stole off a grandchild's plate)? Keep pedaling. Love, Lynne Frost

The LuLu Chronicles said...

Lynn, I know what you mean. If I could lose weight by just exercise alone, I'd have it made. However, checking those portions and choosing the right foods is usually my down fall. Oh, and I hate men, well not really, but I have a bone to pick with God when it comes to who He chose to have the better metabolism. Good to hear from you...

Kristin said...

I thank God for do-overs on a regular basis - in case there's a limit until you beg for more. I need lots of them.