Thursday, January 26, 2012

God is no fool


A long time ago, I discovered a little book that I have continually read for many years. Every time I pick it up, I discover something new. Unfortunately it’s out of print making me cherish the one copy I own all the more.

God is no fool was written by Lois Cheney back in the early 60s. It is the only book she ever wrote. One day, maybe ten years ago, I tracked Ms. Cheney down somewhere in Kentucky. As with Harper Lee with To Kill A Mockingbird and Margaret Mitchell with Gone with the Wind, I wanted to know why there was never another book. Ms. Cheney was cordial and spoke to me with the graciousness of one who had better things to do, but made time for a fan overstepping her bounds.

When I asked why she never wrote another book, she simply said, “I said all I wanted to say.” Well, done, Ms. Cheney.

Since I’m am on my own writing retreat this week and making sport of wrestling with just the right words, I wanted to honor Ms. Cheney by posting one of my favorite vignettes from God is no fool. Enjoy. I’ll see you next week.


One day, Just one day.

If I could present to my God, Just one day Of pure intention Of faithful purpose Of loving heart Of prayerful actions.

Just one day, Of total commitment Of untarnished speech Of unselfish acts Of total concentration.

Just one day, Lacking weakness Lacking jealousy Lacking self-absorption Lacking foolishness.

Just one day, One day

If I could present to my God, Just one day.

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