Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vows. Vowels. And, lots of water


LuLu-ism #44: When you can’t be with the one you love—pack chocolate. But make sure it’s dark chocolate because it’s good for you and promotes a healthy whatever, not like that bad milk chocolate.

It’s full-fledged winter up here in the North Country. We’ve had temps in the minuses the last few days. So, I’m afraid my sweet LuLu is going to be garage-bound for a few months now. It’s hard to believe that we biked only a little over a week ago in forty degree weather.

But do not fear. I am continuing on with my quest to healthy up my heart and other parts of me, even if LuLu can no longer venture outside. As I write this, I am in Door County on my annual Writing Retreat. But, I am not here alone, no sir. Belle, the exercise ball, and her accompanying hand weights have joined me on this little trip. The plan is to exercise every morning before I start my writing day. And, to keep me honest, I now have a couple of accountability partners whom I must check in with every day via email. More about those ladies in another post. So you see, I may be LuLu-less at the moment, but her spirit keeps me moving on.

Ever been to Door County in the ‘thumb’ of Wisconsin? It’s a God-kissed place hugging to the shores of Lake Michigan. The minute I pass into the first little village of the county, stress starts dropping off of me like sailors abandoning ship, and I’m left with this quiet glide toward shore. I have some dear friends who have generously loaned me their digs for the week. It’s a lovely little place bordering some large pines and cedars and only a block from a marina that frames some pretty spectacular sunsets.

I’ve come with the blessings of my sweet hubs with an admonishment to “Write, dear wife. Write until the words can come no more; write until the last vowel trickles from your fingers onto your keyboard like the emptying of a great ocean that gushes and flows into rivers, then lakes, then streams and finally spurts to the a small cup. Write, dear wife, and make us rich!” Well, that’s not exactly what he said, but he did send me off with a kiss and said he hoped I got a lot done.

So, I’ll write. I’ll exercise a bit. And, yes, Adrienne, I will drink my water… lots and lots of water.

How about you? How are your vows to yourself for the New Year coming? It’s only the end of January. We got a lot of year to go.

Later, dear friends,



greenbeings said...

I can imagine you there, in that gorgeous Door County country. I am just a little jealous, though I would bet you didn't have many such weeks away when you had littles under foot, either. I suppose you gotta earn that time! Wishing you much inspiration and renewal.

southmoon said...

Me and the "Murph-dog" are getting ready for a frozen burrito feast. I'm going toread him some Beowulf tonight so I guess the pooch will be sleeping with me tonight.....although the burritos may convince him otherwise.

May your words, phrases and paragraphs float down from your mind to your keyboard like Door County snow upon the Cedars of the Fish Creek shoreline.

The LuLu Chronicles said...

Thanks, Beth. You're right, I didn't have time to take off to write when my boys were little. I have vivid memories of writing as they played around me and on me. I feel extremely fortunate.

And, hey sweet man,you and the MUrph hang in there. I'll be home soon.
love you...